Thoughts on Orlando

In recent days, the focus of the political world has shifted to a night club in Orlando, where a terrorist walked in and killed 49 and wounded tens of other patrons in what has become the worst terrorist attack since 9/11. I have refrained to this point from writing on this topic because details about the terrorist have continued to creep out. The more we learn about Omar Mateen, the more we realize that this was not just some guy who snapped and sprayed lead all over a night club as some in power would have us believe. This was planned and premeditated. And there were certainly more than 1 person involved. His wife even admits to knowing about it before hand. And apparently she purchased ammo for him.

A few things stand out to me about this event…

A lot is being made of the fact that the night club that was attacked was a gay night club. The truth is, the preferences of the victims are irrelevant. Radical Muslims do not discriminate when it comes to producing bloodbaths. It does appear that Omar Mateen himself was perhaps trying to redeem himself or take revenge for being hurt in a gay relationship. There are stories out there indicating both are potential motives.

Since we are talking about the LGBT thing…can we stop with the bashing of Christians for their opposition to the LGBT lifestyle? There is a massive difference between believing certain choices are wrong…and saying so, and throwing people off of rooftops or putting bullets in their head because of their personal choices. In places like Iran and Syria…this is the punishment Islam prescribes for people who they suspect lead the gay lifestyle. So it is time to stop ignoring the treatment by Radical Islam of the LGBT community…while railing against Christians who oppose the lifestyle…but do no harm to those who live it. It is the definition of hypocrisy and everyone can see right through it.

If you read the mainstream press…you would think that an AR-15 walked in there in its own and mowed down 49 people. The irony comes in when it is pointed out that an AR-15 was not even used in the attack. Even so, the AR-15 seems to always be the firearm that the politicians always go after when any terror attack occurs. One congressman stated last week that the AR-15 fired 700 rounds a minute. Ummm…that is not possible. It is not even an automatic. And how does the math work out on that? My math says that breaks down to 12 rounds a second. I am calling baloney on that. I will have more about the whole gun control facade in an upcoming post.

All of that being said…we really are learning more and more about this administration with each one of these terrorist attacks. I am willing to call it what it is…unlike the administration. Say it with me Mr. President…”Islamic Terrorism”. So the transcript of the 911 call was released. With certain text omitted. Then it was re-released with the word “God” substituted for “Allah”. It reads like a Christian shot up the place. Why? What is the purpose? Who is this administration trying to protect? They are basically erasing what we know is already there…and insulting our intelligence in the process. Does it not appear that they are trying to protect the terrorists? When did the Justice Department become the point of attack for protecting and justifying criminals? But that is exactly what is happening.

My friends, whether we like it or not, whether we are willing to accept it or not…war has been declared on us. At this point it really does not matter if we take the battle to the opponent or not. The battle is already being brought to us. My father always told me, “Jason, I had better not ever hear of you starting a fight, but if a fight is brought to you…you sure as heck had better finish it.”

It is high time that someone step forward and ask this administration without relenting…”Who are you for?” It is time someone demand a straight answer. When all of this started to escalate with the birth of ISIS…the White House talked like they were for the American people…and acted the exact opposite. Now…they do not even attempt to hide their support for the enemy. It is time for accountability. It is time…to put America FIRST!!!

Thoughts on Orlando

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