Listen To The Word

Few things move me like music.

If you want to see me turn into a weepy mess…just put the right song on at the right time. Praise music at times has a tendency to cut me to the core. I love to sing. However, many times I find myself worshiping by just listening to others doing so. On Wednesday nights in the student worship services…I rarely sing. I typically just listen to the students as they worship.

One of my favorite artists is a group called Shane and Shane. You might be familiar with some of their music. They have recorded songs like “The Answer” and “Though You Slay Me”. They are one of the groups I would really love to see live some day.

In 2002, Shane and Shane produced an album called “Psalms”. In this project, Shane and Shane wrote songs directly from scripture. Most of these came from the Psalms. They published a second volume in 2015.

Recently, a friend of mine who knows me well said to me while setting up for a praise and worship service out of town, “You like Shane and Shane. You need to listen RIGHT NOW to ’Psalm 46’. It will change your life.” So I sat down with my phone and downloaded it. When I finally got to listen to it later with proper attention to the words…I was a weepy mess. God had pierced me with that song in a way that simple reading would never have.

And it was straight from The Word.

That got me to thinking about a way to study God’s word through music.

Understand that music is not a substitute for the reading of The Word. But it can be a clarifier…an aid, if you will.

I have started with songs written straight from scripture. I listen to them and then study with my Bible what God is trying to say to me through that passage. Another good example of such a song is “Psalm 112” by 4Him. “Blessed is he who fears the Lord…who finds delight in His command.”

People often struggle with topics or series for Bible study. This was just a thought that I had come up with. In a season in my life when I really need to grasp the provision and power of God…this really seems to be a good approach to Bible study for me at this time.

Maybe you want to join me.

Listen To The Word

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